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Elite Properties offers other services such as concrete – Dumpster Rental/Junk Removal – Waterproofing/Foundation Repairs


Elite Properties has crews in the custom concrete division specializing in decorative and traditional concrete for both residential and commercial installation .  Our specialties include custom concrete design of decorative stamped concrete with several color and pattern choices, exposed aggregate and brick edging.  We thrive in custom concrete design,repair, replacement, and new installation, of driveways, patios, porches, steps, garage floors, basement floors, sidewalks and other flat work.

Elite Properties will give each of our customers the personalized care and quality they deserve.

Dumpster Rental/Junk Removal

Call (636) 861-3553 to order now or get a free quote and find out which size dumpster is right for you!

(Additional charges will apply for appliances and tires, must give prior notice. If appliances or tires are found with out notice, penalty fees will apply.)

Waterproofing/Foundation Repairs

Elite Properties is the premiere contractor for foundation structural repair, foundation lifting, epoxy injection, carbon fiber strapping, and water relocation systems in the St. Louis area.  Our focus to detail is on all phases of foundation repair, stabilization, interior drainage, and waterproofing your home or commercial building. Interior drainage systems designed by Elite Properties have been proven to be the best way to relieve hydrostatic pressure (from water that comes up from the ground) from flooding your basement.  Our dual drainage system consists of a footing channel, wall channel, and sump pit to pump water to the exterior of the home or business.  A fully functional sump pump is critical in removing pools of standing water resulting from heavy downpours or high water table.  Our installation process is a fast and effective way to waterproof your basement or commercial business.

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